Presentation Of Book “The Armenians of Cyprus”
On the 7th of December 2009, the Kalaydjian Foundation organised a presentation of the book “The Armenians of Cyprus”, authored by researcher-scholar Alexander Hadjilyra. The presentation took place in the “Vahram Utudjian” Hall of the Armenian Prelature in Nicosia and was under the patronage of His Eminence the Archbishop of the Armenian community of Cyprus and under the auspices of the Mayor of Strovolos.

The event was first addressed by the Chairman of the Kalaydjian Foundation and then by Mayor Savvas Eliophotou, followed by the book’s author, who made an in-depth presentation of the research he conducted in order to be able to write such a comprehensive chronicle of the Armenian community of the island.

The Kalaydjian Foundation first published “The Armenians of Cyprus” in May 2009 in English, and later sponsored its translation into Greek. The Greek version was released in October. The Foundation’s main purpose in publishing these two editions was to ensure that every Armenian Cypriot family would have in its collection a copy of the book about its history and current role in Cypriot society. To that end, the English edition was sent free of charge to every Armenian Cypriot household, as well as to various Armenian organisations in the country. Additionally, it was the Foundation’s desire to project this wealth of information to non-Armenians as well, and in particular to important political and civic leaders on the island. The book was therefore sent to all the Ministers, Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls in Cyprus, as well as to Members of Parliament and to President Christofias himself. Similarly, copies were sent to various organisations abroad, in such countries as the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Syria, Greece and Armenia.