The AGBU Armenian Cultural Centre in Larnaca
The year 2010 saw the creation in Larnaca of a grand new home for Armenian culture, ethnology and art.

From its inception, the lofty and ambitious AGBU project received the full support of the Kalaydjian Foundation which, through its sponsorship and guidance throughout the project, played a key role in making the Centre's creation both a reality and a huge success. The project was also supported by substantial donations from several Armenian Cypriot families and was under the overall supervision of the Larnaca Chapter of the AGBU, under the leadership of its Chairman Stephanos Kamakian.

The Centre will present, promote and foster the history and culture of the Armenian nation in general and the Armenian community of Cyprus in particular, and organise and support events such as conferences, workshops, performances, presentations and symposia, with the aim of deepening the understanding and appreciation of the cultural and artistic heritage that bonds all Armenians together.

The Centre was designed by architect Merouzhan Sarkisian of Limassol and boasts a rich library of rare books, maps and journals, including several 19th century publications. The building's main hall can accommodate up to 80 people and will host a variety of events, including musical performances. The upstairs includes a bedroom with en-suite bathroom designed specifically to accommodate foreign invitees and dignitaries. The roof garden meanwhile can host up to 100 people and will be the venue for outdoor events and gatherings.

The building's construction began in January 2010 and ended in December of the same year. The Centre is of paramount importance not just to the Armenian community of Cyprus but also to the town and people of Larnaca, a fact appreciated by the municipal authorities as well as the central government.

The Armenian Cultural Centre is located at 13 Kilkis Street, opposite the Larnaca Archeological Museum and the ruins of the ancient city of Kition.